Are you a grill master, but looking for a low-smoke alternative to charcoal grills? But you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your grilling performance? In addition, should your meat be prepared to the point? Then you should take a closer look at the gas grill and its advantages.

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Whether you are interested in a gas kettle grill, a mobile gas grill or a gas grill station with several burners, you will find what you are looking for in our gas grill test 2020, because we present you the latest and most powerful models in each category.

In addition, we provide you with interesting tips about the material, operation and cleaning of the gas grill, whereby important tricks for the perfect grilling temperature of steaks, fish and Co. will not be neglected.

With a gas grill you can prepare your meat very precisely because you always have an overview of the temperature. But this requires a certain amount of experience.

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In contrast to charcoal grills, there is much less smoke with gas grills, which makes it possible to grill on your balcony without fogging the entire housing estate.

The Weber brand is characterized by excellent quality, very high customer satisfaction and very long guarantee periods. You have to spend a little more money here, but the price-performance ratio is very good.


The 12 Best Weber Gas Grills in 2020


1. Weber 7170001 Summit S-470 4-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

The best all-round performer and crowd puller will always be the Weber Summit. This is a top of the line machine for a grill snob with the high quality finish and materials you have come to expect from the brand.

The 4-burner S-470 is, in our opinion, the ideal spot for size, performance, and bells and whistles if you have the budget to invest. It offers 580 square inches of total cooking surface with 110 square inches in a heat-only rack and 48,800 BTU total output from 4 main burners.

What does this mean for the grill we all understand? These are the 20 burgers that cook ONCE. Basically, it’s a beast that manages to feed friends and family, as well as any in-laws you have.

You’ll also score with a ton of additional burners that Weber packs for every possible cooking need, including: a sear station burner with a lid, a side burner, a smoker burner, and a 10,800 BTU infrared rotisserie rear burner, which basically makes your grill stand out taken to a cute outdoor kitchen.

The cooking box and cover are made of cast aluminum and require a minimum of maintenance to stay in perfect condition. They are designed for the highest possible cooking temperatures.

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Weber also has the Snap-Jet single burner ignition for quick starts, durable 9 mm stainless steel grids for even heat storage and the characteristic Flavorizer bars, with which drops evaporate and these aromas and flavors flow back into the meat during cooking.

The burner tubes are made of high quality stainless steel and, despite the small amounts of water to which they are exposed, they are durable without rusting and deteriorating over time.

The front-mounted controls are well designed and constructed and have a stable feel. The lid has a built-in temperature display and a separate display measures the propane tank level.

Grillers who use the S-470 will also notice a beautifully designed, enclosed, two-door cart for storing and hiding the propane tank, rust-proof side shelves with towel rails, and tool hooks for a seamless outdoor kitchen experience.


2. Weber 62016001 Genesis II E-435 4-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

If the Summit is a little out of your comfort zone in terms of budget, the Genesis E-435 has the same essential features in a slightly smaller package.

Another 4 burner room that is spacious with a primary cooking area of ​​646 square inches with an additional foldable heat rack of 198 square inches for toasting buns or keeping vegetables warm while you’re preparing a few steaks. Solid stainless steel rod grids cover the room and ensure a uniform, even cooking surface.

The performance of the S-435 is impressive with 48,000 BTU for the main burner plus an additional 12,000 for the lid infrared bonus side burner and 9,000 for the special sear station burner. The sear station burner is a huge bonus and is designed to make quick, perfect sear marks on any meat you work with to complete it.

Like all Weber grills, these are also supplied with their characteristic Flavorizer bars to evaporate drops and bring the aroma back into the meat, stainless steel burner tubes for an optimal gas flow from back to front, 7 mm stainless steel cooking grids and their new Infinity Ignition for consistent, fast starts.

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Weber recently revised its fat management system for the GS4 range. Why is that important? It’s just cleaning up, isn’t it? No, fat management is important as improper handling can lead to flare-ups that will burn your meat and cause uneven temperatures on your cooking surface.

Your new system diverts drops that do not evaporate into the disposable drip tray in the collecting tray. To clean, you literally pull out the pan, remove the tray, slide in a new one, and you’re done. It’s so easy to get to and disposal couldn’t be easier.

My favorite advantage? With the iGrill 3 app thermometer, you can monitor temperatures from your phone. We live the future folks.

The overall construction is exactly what you would expect from a Weber at this price point: high quality stainless steel for many, many seasons. The entire bonnet is made of solid stainless steel as well as a large part of the front panel. The stainless side tables also offer hooks for tools and the cabinet style offers ample storage space below.


3. Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-310 Black LP Outdoor Gas Grill

The Original Spirit is the first grill I ever bought and I was blown away with the typical Weber cooking experience that came in a smaller package.

The Spirit II 310 is a newer, improved version of the original that offers an even higher experience with three great burners. Out of our top 3, this is the most budget-friendly option and comes at a cheaper price.

With the E310, Weber took the key features of its largest grills and engineered them to fit into a neat, medium-sized version that still offers a power punch. The Spirit delivers 30,000 BTUs with a cooking surface of 529 square inches, delivering solid, even heat to every inch.

Weber added its new Gs4 grill system with three burners, each supported by the highest quality stainless steel pipes.

These tubes are not typical burner tubes. They don’t rust quickly or damage easily and leak gas. They are specially designed to hold and actively limit the effects of rust agents, just like the pipes on the summit.

Even with just three burners, the Weber really feels like a spacious outdoor kitchen. There are generous folding tables on both sides (more space for framing food) that can be folded up for easy storage. Both tables are equipped with 3 stable hooks for hanging your tools (pans, spatulas, knives, etc.).

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You can also enjoy Weber’s exclusive Flavorizer bar system, the cast iron cooking grids coated with porcelain (for quick cleaning) and the new electronic Infinity ignition system.

What really means this is a Weber grill is how evenly it cooks and how quickly. I’ve used the ghost to cook almost any type of meat imaginable: steaks, burgers, dogs, ribs, chicken breasts, chops, etc. It cooks all of them evenly (no random cold spots) and makes a killer to sear them . The heat-up time is quick, typically 10 minutes.

The E-310 is not equipped with a side burner. To do this, you need to upgrade to Genesis. While I enjoy using one on occasion, it’s not a deal breaker and pretty insignificant. If your primary concerns are quality and budget this shouldn’t be a huge deterrent, and for the gas grill category under 500, this is the best on the market.


4. Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

With the E210, Weber took the best core features of its larger grills and engineered them to fit into a neat, compact version that still offers punch but one burner less than the E-310.

The Spirit delivers 26,500 BTUs with 450 square inches of cooking surface and 90-inch heating racks. This grill delivers firm, even heat to every inch.

Weber added its new Gs4 grill system with two burners, each supported by the highest quality stainless steel pipes. These tubes are not typical burner tubes. They don’t rust quickly or damage easily and leak gas. In fact, they have been specially developed to retain and actively limit the effects of rust agents.

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Even with just two burners, the Weber feels like a portable outdoor kitchen. There are sufficiently large folding tables on both sides (more space for framing food) that can be folded up for easy storage. Both tables are equipped with 3 stable hooks for hanging your tools (pans, spatulas, knives, etc.).

You can also enjoy Weber’s signature Flavorizer rod system, the porcelain-coated grilles (for quick cleaning) and the new Infinity electronic ignition system.


5. Weber 61016001 Genesis II E-335 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill.

The Genesis E-335 is the sister grill of the E-435 in second place and has almost all the impressive features, but only a few small differences in functionality and a lower price.

With 3 instead of 4 burners, the E-335 is still roomy with a 335 square inch primary cooking surface and 178 square inch heating shelf. The total cook output is 39,000 BTU for the main burners with a 12,000 BTU side burner and a 9,000 BTU sear station burner.


You will also find that the E-335’s grilles are made of porcelain-coated cast iron instead of the stainless steel used on the E-435.

All other functions remain the same, including the cute GS4 grill system, the closed memory with tool hook, the temperature display connected to the iGrill 3 app and the Weber-specific flavoring system.


6. Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill


This Weber may be small, but he’s powerful, which is why it takes a seat shortly after some of the big boys, despite being a more compact one-burner grill.

Weber is known for making the best household grills of all sizes, and this little powerhouse lives up to its name.

Features include a single 12,000 BTU stainless steel burner, a total cooking surface of 280 square inches, cast iron enamel cooking grids, a cast aluminum lid and an easy-to-start electronic ignition system. The side tables fold up easily and are just big enough to do a little preparatory work. The Q1000 also has a stepless burner valve and is light and portable.

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This is a clear choice if you’re looking for something portable, but it can also hold its own as a small tabletop for the home or a standing grill if you add the optional frame.


7. Weber 66006001 Genesis II S-335 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill

This list would not be complete without a natural grill option that could compete with all propane-powered models.

The natural gas grill Genesis II S-335 with three burners is the natural gas alternative to the propane version (E-335) at our number 5.

If you have natural gas hookups and are not interested in a propane tank grill, this version of the Genesis is a great addition to your garden.

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It has all of the preferred features like the propane version, including 39,000 BTUs for the main burners with a 12,000 BTU side burner and 9,000 BTU sear station burner, the new GS4 grill system, a closed memory with tool hook and the one attached to the iGrill 3- App-connected temperature meter and Weber-specific flavorizer system.

If you choose natural, the S-335 is the best value for your money and the best investment for your money. 


8. Weber 61011001 Genesis II E-310 LP Grill

There are many Genesis models on this list, but you can imagine Weber designing their range of products to meet the needs of all customers.

The main difference between this grill and the 335 is the lack of an additional side burner.

The E-310 is a solid mid-range pick for size and price. It offers 3 burners and 513 square inches of total cooking area. It includes the GS4 high-performance grill system with Infinity ignition, Flavorizer bars, a fat management system specially designed to eliminate flare, and iGrill3 technical compatibility.

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The cooking grids, enamelled with porcelain, ensure even heat distribution, and the porcelain lid stores the heat and protects the grill during prolonged use outdoors.

The base is a cart style rather than a full closet with folding end tables and tool hooks to keep the space organized for easy use.

This is such a solid feat that it’s a great option when you don’t need that side-burner add-on and would rather save a little on the cost without sacrificing overall quality.


9. Weber Summit 7370001 S-670 Stainless-Steel Gas grill

The Summit series is peak grilling. The 4-burner version took our top spot, but this 6-burner option is a true ANIMAL. If money is not an object, then this is a no-brainer.

At its current price, this is not an option for the everyday grill man. However, if you are on a budget and have the luxury of buying the best, the Summit S-670 is a no-brainer.

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What features will you find in a grill priced at nearly 3,000? The Summit offers 624 square inches of primary cooking surface, a 145 square inch warming rack, 60,800 BTU of power, stainless steel cooking grids and Weber’s signature Flavorizer bars.

The Summit also comes with all kinds of additional burners: a 12,000 BTU side burner, a 10,600 BTU sear station burner, a 6,800 smoker burner, and a 10,600 rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner.

This is a gorgeous grill that will give a perfect grilling experience to pretty much anyone who uses it, an inexperienced grill man or a seasoned pit boss. 


10. Weber 50060001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill

The ultra-portable Q1200 is the bareest weaver on this list, but it’s a serious staple option for a grill on the go.

It features a single stainless steel burner with 8,500 BTU total power for a total cooking space of 189 square inches, compared to the 12,000 BTUs on the similar Q1000 at number 6.

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You can also expect to find electronic ignition, infinite control valve settings, enameled cast iron stoves made from porcelain, an aluminum body, and a fiberglass reinforced nylon frame. It requires minimal maintenance and is designed to cut a fine figure as a tailgate companion, camping, and beach days.

As already mentioned with the Q1000, this grill can also be set up on a standing base to ensure more permanent use in the garden.


11. Weber 46510001 Spirit E310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The E310 is a favorite in terms of quality, functionality and aesthetics. It is an outstanding and solid choice if you are looking for a 3-burner. All Spirit grills are inexpensive and have many features. So the best fit really depends on your size requirements.

This spirit comes with three stainless steel burners that produce up to 32,000 BTUs per hour. The entire grill area is also fairly generous with 529 square inches of total cooking area, 424 primary and 156 square inches of heat racks, and 2 solid high quality stainless steel side work surfaces. The lower trolley offers storage space for the essentials.

The grids are made of porcelain enamelled cast iron and leave nice grill marks without burning the meat. They are also particularly easy to clean and maintain and have a longer lifespan than other brands of metal grilles. The spirit grids are also reversible, with the thin side ideal for delicate foods such as fish and the thicker side better for steaks and burgers where you want a nice sear.

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Like the other Weber grills, the Spirit E-310 also contains Weber’s signature Flavourizer bars, an electronic quick-start quick ignition system, easily accessible controls on the front, a porcelain-enamelled cover, a centrally mounted thermometer and a porcelain. Coated fat management system and cooking box made of cast aluminum.

This version of the E-310 does not include an iGrill3 system. So if you want to connect to the app to remotely monitor temperatures, you’ll have to go for one of the other Spirit models. 


12. Weber 1141001 Go-Anywhere Gas Grill

While this list is largely a collection of the big and bad grills Weber is known for, their Go-Anywhere, their old-school classic, still deserves a spot on the lineup.

This model is an extreme budget option that is convenient, portable, and cheap. No babysitting is required for this little bruise it’s rugged and nude, and a staple for camping, boating, and other outdoor adventures.

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Features include: push-button ignition, a porcelain enamelled steel grille, a porcelain enamelled base and lid, plated steel legs that snap and collapse when carried. This is a propane model not designed for charcoal grilling. However, there is another barbecue option if you feel like stepping on the old school.

This is the perfect knock-around grill when you just need something simple on the go.


How to get good smoke on a charcoal grill

The cause of the unpleasant smoke can usually be found on the grill grate, the gas burners or the housing. Grill residues are the main cause of the annoying smoke.

BBQ Smoke: Is it Bad for Your Health? | Molekule Blog

We therefore recommend that you let the grill burn for approx. 10-20 minutes after each grilling so that the residues are burned out. This procedure allows you to remove the residues much more easily and conveniently after cooling with a steel brush, for example.

We have selected a video below for tips and tricks on using gas grills. In addition, you can make sure that you remove excess fat from the meat before grilling, so you save a lot of the cleaning work afterwards and there is much less fat dripping down from the meat.


Which gas is used for gas grills?

Basically, you can use commercial gas from the hardware store. The important thing is simply that it is propane or butane. Which gas is used for the gas grills also depends on the model.

One city just banned new natural gas hookups to save the planet. Could Philly follow suit?

Propane gas has a higher calorific value than butane and develops more heat with the same amount. It can be concluded from this that you can save space. Whether you have to use gas cylinders or gas cartridges also depends on the model type. Gas table grills usually use a gas cartridge, whereas a Weber gas grill station is supplied with the gas by means of a large gas bottle.


How to clean and care for a Weber gas grill?

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To clean your Weber gas grill, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Wait until the gas grill has cooled down completely
  2. Remove the drip tray and clean it thoroughly with water and detergent
  3. Close the lid of the gas grill, turn on the gas, and pull the igniter
  4. Now let the grill burn for about 20-30 minutes. In this process the residues turn into ashes. A lot of smoke forms, make sure that nobody is disturbed by it.
  5. As soon as there is no more smoke, it means that the gas grill has burned out. Now open the lid again.

You can then remove the last remains with a stainless steel brush. Last but not least, you should wipe the grill with a cloth and detergent.

You can also use a grill cleaner. These allow you to clean your grill perfectly without having to invest a lot of time and work.

Are gas grills allowed on the balcony?Read information on weber gas grills. Please click here to read more****** Viewing the website is wo… in 2020 | Balcony grill, Best electric grill, Outdoor electric grill

In principle, gas grills are allowed on the balcony, as they generate much less smoke than charcoal grills. Nevertheless, you should be considerate of your neighbors.

However, depending on the landlord and house rules, it may be the case that barbecuing on the balcony is explicitly prohibited. It is definitely worth taking a look at the house rules again for you.

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