Grill Weber q 1200 Review

Grill Weber q1200 Reviews

Grill Weber q 1200 Review

Every year the grills are dug out and prepared for the new season as soon as the first rays of sunshine come in spring.

But if the old device stopped working in the last year, you will have to buy a new model. The following article presents the Weber Q 1200 mobil Black Line in more detail and illuminates it from top to bottom. So you will find out everything you need to know about him.

After reading the article, you will know whether the Weber Q 1200 mobile is the right model for you or not.

Weber Q 1200


power 2.49 kW
burner 1 piece
Grill surface 1376 cm²
Dimensions63 x 104 x 52 cm
Weight 13.7 kg
Working height 62.5 cm
material Cast aluminum

Features of the Weber gas grill Q 1200

  • The cover as well as the housing are made of stable cast aluminum
  • thermometer is integrated in the lid
  • Two side tables provide an additional work surface
  • Generous grill area with the dimensions 43 x 32 cm
  • little need for space
  • mobility
  • Optionally versatile expandable (see below)
  • Small, light and handy and is therefore also suitable for on the go

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The functions

You can regulate the grill temperature on the Q 1200 steplessly and according to your wishes. This means that even sensitive grilled food can be cooked gently. A thermometer is integrated in the lid , with which you can always keep an eye on the heat. With the Q 1200, you light the gas flame with an electric ignition that is windproof or alternatively with a long match. It is the smallest mobile gas grill from Weber , which you can purchase either as a stand version or as a trolley .

With the trolley version, you can easily hide the bottle behind the manufacturer’s logo and hang the grill cutlery on three integrated hooks . Thanks to the wheels, the grill is even more mobile and scores with an ideal working height.

Considering its small size, this is easy to use, assemble, break down and transport, which are all essential when it comes… | Gas grill, Gas grill reviews, Grilling

The grill area

Like many other mobile grills, the small Weber Q 1200 naturally has a slightly smaller grill area than models that are always in one place. Nevertheless, this is completely sufficient. The grill has a two-part grate and practical aroma rails.

A total of 43 x 32 cm is available for meat, vegetables and fish . Thus, the grill is also suitable for barbecues with more than two people. Due to the fact that the grate is mainly made of cast iron , it is very resistant and therefore also durable.

The frame


If you take a closer look, you will notice a few smaller features of this Weber gas grill. For example, it has an optionally available collapsible trolley .

This allows you to roll it to a dry and protected place after the summer and stow it to save space. According to Weber, the frame of the Weber Q 1200 is very robust and durable.

The burner

The stainless steel burner can easily be ignited at the push of a button or with a long match. The grill is operated with special gas cartridges , so a gas bottle is not absolutely necessary and would certainly be a bit too big. The rated output of the Q 1200 is 2.64 kW . When you turn on the grill, it immediately emits heat. This means that you do not have to wait so long before you can put the food on the grill.

The stainless steel burner is ideally protected from dripping fat by a drip tray. In order to be able to clean the latter more easily, it makes sense to put some crepe paper in it when grilling . Because this soaks up the fat and cleaning the shell takes significantly less time. This does not have to be done by hand. Because the drip tray can also be safely cleaned in the dishwasher .

Cooking facilities

Turning up the heat with Grillin' with Dad | Airstream

A Black Weber Q1200 with a variety of meat dishes.

Before we talk about how capable it is to cook, we need to talk about specifics. The grilling area is approximately 12½ “front to back and 16¾” side to side at its widest points. Weber lists the surface area at 189 square inches. It’s big enough to grill about six larger hamburger patties or about 18 regular hot dogs. Alternatively, two smaller steaks on one side and a vegetable package on the other. I find this to be the ideal size for two people who grill regularly, or in some cases a family with young children. If you only use your grill for meat and not for side dishes like potatoes or vegetables, it will serve up to six people.

A Q-shaped stainless steel burner tube generates 8,500 BTU of heat, which the grill efficiently and evenly distributes over the entire grill surface. Thorough preheating takes 10-15 minutes, but must be preheated with the lid closed.

How well does it cook?

The Airstream Weber® Q®1200 Gas Grill

Do you like a hot grill The Q1200 has a tendency to get hot even on the lowest setting, which is perfect for direct grilling. For those of you who grill with indirect heat, a single burner appliance doesn’t do well. If you have to cook indirectly, Weber recommends using a grill basket to create a greater distance from the flame.

The grill grates are made of cast iron and are more plate-shaped when they cover the burner. The advantage of this is that it limits the amount of fat that can fall on the flame, resulting in less flare-ups.

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There is also a very durable porcelain coating that covers the grids. Preheating is a requirement because if the grids aren’t hot your food can bake right on them. Using a little oil will help, but for best results Weber recommends oiling the food instead of the grill grate.

Wind can be a factor, but it’s pretty easy to get around. Simply set up the grill so that the lid opens away from the wind and creates a natural wind barrier. It also works very well in freezing temperatures, for those of you crazy ones who insist on it.

Weber Baby Q Convection Trays - suits Q1000/Q1200 - Inspired Outdoor Living

There is a griddle that turns half of your grill into a griddle. It’s ideal for those who love to cook breakfast or want to whip up caramelized onions or bacon for burgers. Weber cautions, however, that only one griddle can be used at a time, as using two will likely disrupt airflow to the burner, killing the flames and creating propane. So be sure and use a griddle.



I’ve read several reviews from owners that found the grill to run hot regardless of the burner control setting. In contrast, others say the regulator is immediately bad. I’m not technical enough to know if these issues stem from the same problem, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. If you find the Weber Q1200 running hot on the first run, give it some time before you assume there is a problem. The manual makes me believe that it is normal for the grill to run hot the first time you use it. If the break-in period is exceeded without improvement, call Weber. They will likely replace your regulator for free.

Also, remember that if you have problems with the grill lighting, read the manual to learn how to troubleshoot the igniter, regulator and burner.


The cleaning

How To Clean Your Grill like a PRO - YouTube

As already mentioned, there is a practical grease drip tray on board. This prevents the fat from reaching the burner. The grate made of sturdy stainless steel is also very easy to clean in the dishwasher. It makes sense to remove very stubborn dirt in advance with a suitable brush .

The access to the drip pan is behind and under the grill body.

Now cleaning is never fun or easy, but I think Weber Q1200 is super easy to clean. In fact, it’s one of the best features.

The fat tray in the bottom of the grill collects the fat and dirt particles that run out. Weber sells disposable aluminum trays that fit in this small compartment, but there is no need to use them. In my opinion, it doesn’t take much more work cleaning the tray along with the rest of the grill. If you are interested in using them, they are relatively inexpensive.

Weber Q 1200 1-Burner Portable Propane Gas Grill Combo in Titanium with Rolling Cart and iGrill Mini-18110 - The Home Depot

After the day’s cooking, let the grill cool down enough to handle the grids. Remove the grease tray and properly dispose of the liner and its contents. Wipe the tray. Remove the grill racks and wipe the grill body and lid inside and out with warm soapy water. If necessary, pat dry and put the fat tray back in.

The grill racks are the most difficult to clean, but they’re small enough to fit in a sink so you can soak them even when you’re away. It’s a terrible idea to put a wire brush on them because of their porcelain coating. However, if you are going to use this grill at home, remember that the grids are dishwasher safe.

One final note to any coastal residents or poolside barbecues: wash and rinse the outside surfaces regularly to keep your warranty valid.

outdoorline Barbeque Stainless Steel Clean Brush Portable Detachable Head BBQ Grill Clean Brush with Storage Bag | Walmart Canada


Overall, the Weber q1200 is a quality product, but there are three things to consider.

First the good. As mentioned earlier, the materials used to manufacture all of the main parts are either cast aluminum, stainless steel, or glass fiber reinforced nylon. All of these materials hold up exceptionally well in most situations as the grill is properly stored when not in use. By that I mean, don’t leave it out in the elements and expect it to look pretty in five years.

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The biggest problem is the regulator. There’s a good chance it’s perfectly fine, but if it breaks it will be within the first couple of uses. Call the Weber Customer Service number listed in the manual and they will likely ship a new one.

A moderate problem has to do with a design flaw. It seems that the handle above the regulator is not quite in place, and it can be difficult to attach a 16.4-ounce propane bottle to it. Weber suggests lifting the grill by the right handle to connect the cylinder at an angle. Altering the handle by sanding or filing it for extra clearance will void your warranty.

One small problem concerns the detonator as it is the fastest supporting part. Weber will provide a replacement and give instructions on how to replace it yourself. If you are not in civilization and the igniter fails or the AAA battery is dead, use a matchstick for the hole in the bottom of the grill.

Weber Q 1200 Black Cast Aluminum 8,500-BTU 189-sq in Portable Gas Grill in the Portable Gas Grills department at


The guarantee applies to grills given as gifts, but is otherwise not transferable. A 5-year guarantee covers the grill body, the lid, the grids, the frame, the side tables and the burner against rusting or burning through. The color is covered for two years as long as it doesn’t fade or discolor normally. Everything else (I’m assuming fasteners, hardware, and thermometers) is covered by a two-year warranty.

Initial assembly

Most of the Q 1200 is delivered assembled, and whatever still needs to be assembled is straightforward. You need a Phillips screwdriver and no other tool.

Steps by cleaning:

Assembly starting point as depicted in the user manual

  1. Unpack the grill from the box and remove the removed lid. Open the pre-assembled side tables
  2. Secure the lid by inserting cotter pins and bolts into the hinge holes
  3. Attach the handle to the lid using the screws, washers and spacers provided
  4. Insert the thermometer into the lid and secure it with the wing nut
  5. Attach the burner button, insert the grill plates, place the drip pan in the drip pan and slide it under the grill



It is best to clean the grate immediately after each use when it has cooled down. This is because you can prevent the food scraps and fat from sticking.


Video review Weber Q 1200

 Advantages of the Weber Q 1200

  • If used properly, it will work for many years without any problems
  • Attractive and modern design
  • Gives the food to be grilled a delicious taste
  • Is up to operating temperature quickly
  • Well understandable instructions


 Disadvantages of the Weber Q 1200

  • The gas cartridges are empty relatively quickly
  • Is only conditionally for smocking suitable

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From my experience I can say that for a grill of this size, which of course only comes with one burner, this is an excellent performance. As I said, even many large gas grills with 3, 4 or even 6 burners cannot reach 300 ° C. Not even remotely. Among them are many of the cheap grills that you can buy. For an excellent grill result you actually need very high temperatures in some cases. Especially when you are not grilling a wafer-thin steak, which you shouldn’t be doing anyway, or only the sausage is on the grill.

Therefore you should pay attention to the burner output when buying. This is often not stated at all on cheap grills. If you see something like this, then you should think again.


The classic Weber ignition starts the burner reliably and quickly

Weber has built a powerful burner with 2.49 KW power into this mobile table grill . This is a good choice for this smaller grill area with a very good, insulated grill hood.


Icon grill grateWhich brings us to the grill area of ​​the Q 1200. The usable grill area is 43 cm x 32 cm . Enough for a family with one child – in my opinion. Of course you won’t be able to celebrate big garden parties with it, but that’s clear.

But the dimensions are very compact. With the lid closed and the side tables folded out, you get 39.4 cm high x 103.9 cm wide x 42 cm deep. If you fold the side tables, you can stow the mobile grill almost anywhere. It really takes up little space. Even if you buy the grill cart, you can leave it on very small balconies without any problems.


How can you tell that a grill is really high quality? In my opinion, the material of the housing and the grill hood, the performance of the burners and the grillage. Because these factors are decisive for very good grilling results for steaks, sausages and everything that can be grilled. And Weber really didn’t let it go and gave it an absolutely fantastic grillage.

The porcelain enamelled cast iron grate enables delicious grilled food

It is a porcelain enamelled cast iron grate . It’s pretty much the best you can buy. I know that there are many beginners or barbecues who do not even deal with the topic, do not value it at all and only look at the price. This is a mistake. Because you never get really tasty steaks with a skillful branding in the meat with the cheap grills from most cheap grills. For this you need a good cast iron grate. And it just costs money.

Cast iron has the advantage that it stores heat very well and then transfers it to the food to be grilled. A quality that a cheap steel grating will never have. That is why professionals always rely on cast iron. Granted, it needs a little more maintenance and the patina is important, but the grill result is so much better.


After we have looked at the most important properties for a good grill result, we naturally come to further properties. Later on for handling and operation and cleaning. But here are a few more facts that a buyer should know.


Of course, the Weber Q 1200 has an electronic ignition that ignites the burner without any problems. A grill thermometer is also built into the lid, which always gives the grill master precise information about the heat in the grill. Especially important for people who know what they are doing.

The grill thermometer

Advice from Alex : if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about grilling, I would like to give you an important tip that will immediately improve the grilling results. Do not keep opening the grill lid. I see this again and again with beginners or nervous people who open the grill hood every few seconds and look at the grill result. The problem with this is that a lot of heat is lost every time and the result when grilling is worsened. So just be patient and maybe read how long a stick lies on the grill. Have a look at my guide .


The two side tables can be folded up

The Weber Q 1200 has folding side tables. This is useful when stowing the mobile gas grill. Because after grilling and cleaning you simply fold in the side tables and then it just takes up a lot less space. The grill also has a removable drip tray that can be easily cleaned after grilling. The fat drips in here when grilling and can then be easily disposed of.


A grill trolley can be purchased from Weber as an option, but it costs around € 150. You can then place the grill on it. If you already know that you want a stand, you should buy the package with a stand right away. This was not a grill cart, as there are no rollers on it and there is no storage space below, but the grill can be placed on it and then you can grill like a normal grill cart.

Otherwise you would have to put the grill on a table or have another high place to put it. Unless of course you put the grill on the ground and grill there. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for children and animals in the household. In the set with the stand, the grill only costs about € 50 more, which in my opinion is absolutely fine.

Operation with gas bottle possible
Operation with gas bottle possible

conversion set to a gas bottle enables grilling with large gas bottles. This of course makes grilling much cheaper than with a gas cartridge. So if you grill a lot and mainly use the grill at home, you should think about the set. It costs around € 50 at Weber. I would also recommend this to anyone who has a gas connection or a gas bottle anyway when camping. The practical thing about the gas cartridge is simply that you are very flexible and can also have a barbecue at the swimming lake, for example, without having to carry a heavy gas bottle. At least where that is allowed.

Our conclusion

Weber Q 1200 conclusion

Even if it is the manufacturer’s smallest mobile gas grill, the Weber Q 1200 does not have to hide behind its big brothers.

Because despite its compact dimensions, it also scores with a fairly large grill area and is therefore also suitable for barbecues with more than two people . The design must also be mentioned as positive.

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The Weber gas grill Q 1200 also scores with some practical extras, such as two foldable side tables, a thermometer integrated into the lid and a practical fat collecting tray and can also be expanded with additional accessories , such as a grill plate for pancakes or Bacon. The Weber Q 1200 scores with a very good price-performance ratio.

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